How to enlarge dick? 3 Foods that Must be Consumed to Enlarge the Penis

Due to the influence of “pop culture”, many men seeks for bigger penis; and because of this, there are many products offered today that is said to enlarge the penis. Pills are some of the products; others are ‘pumps’ and exercises are some that lengthen your penis in few inches when you did.

Actually, none of these have the evidence that works. Today, using scientific methods, there is no proven effective ‘penis enlargement’. Go to a urologist or anyone who is a respectable doctor and everyone will say these products offered are “useless”. Do not be fooled!

The most fragile is that some of these products can harm your penis. You even spend much because of purchasing them. Consequently, do not just believe in the different products offered.

But since we are here again on this topic, let us know why a man wants to enlarge his penis? Maybe he thought his penis is too small. He can only say that his penis is small when he knows the “average” or normal length or size of the penis of Indian males.


You may know this question in English: “What is the average penis size for Indian men?” It is difficult to ensure the answer, because not all your questions will confirm to the real size of his penis. Another, it is difficult to know which one is measured, the soft or the hard erected penis, and these sizes also varies, depends on many things.

But according to many researches, the normal penis size of Asian men may be in 5 inches (including India). Whenever said ‘average’, the meaning of this is in between; 50% of men is lesser and 50% is greater than too. The normal “range” is in 4-6 inches, though it is not also a certain data.

And whatever the ”average” penis size of males in the India, does women value it? According to studies, for most women the penis size of their sexual partner is not important.

I understand why many worry about the size of their penis: the penis is the most important part of the body and it represents manhood. But, do not pay attention to this thing! Whatever is given to you, accept it and give the best for your loved one. In the end, the size of your love really makes her happy.


Hammer of Thor: new remedy Now in the India.

When the size of your penis gives you a real anxiety and the reason of your psychological problem, don’t lose hope. Although hundreds of crook earns from the problems of men today (different pills, dietary supplements, etc, which should increase the size of the penis), science and technological advancement cannot wait.

At last American pharmacies formed the world’s top REAL remedy, that will help enlarge the penis without surgery. Hammer of Thor capsules (you can order here). This product, which consists of natural ingredients, stimulates the formation of testosterone and improves blood flow in genital organs. The penis will naturally enlarge in few centimeters because of this new blood. However, over the clear benefits and safety in your health, it is only advisable to use this remedy if it is completely necessary (the size of the penis is less than the standard, problems on erection, age-related failure of libido, etc.

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What is the Best Food for Penis Enlargement

Everyone knows that eating right has many health benefits, but majority does not know that it also benefits penis enlargement.

The following foods for penis enlargement can help you to lengthen and increase your dick as you dream. These foods for penis enlargement are safe, cheap, and good for the body.

In all penis enlargement techniques and products, the natural way such as the exercises on the penis and Titan Gel are least harmful (and in the end, the most effective). So it’s normal that there are some foods that have natural role in the process of penis enlargement.

3 Foods that Must be Consumed to Enlarge the Penis

Just as you can see, improving blood flow in the whole body, including the penis is the common theme of these foods. We all know that blood flow is a very important factor in penis enlargement.

The next time you go to grocery, make sure to buy the foods you need to make penis enlargement effective.

The following foods are easy to find (and cheap) in the closest grocery (cheaper than the foods outside, thus you will save a lot):


Researches shows that onion is good in having proper blood circulation in parts of the body to the heart.

In addition, consumption of onion is helpful against blood clotting. But many people do not think immediately that, onion helps improve blood flow not only to the heart, but also to the penis.

Onion to Enlarge the Penis


As mentioned in the case of onion, foods that stimulates blood flow are proven to help in having harder erection.

The same way when you eat salmon. Rich in Omega 3 and other fatty oils, salmon is good in dilution of blood, which helps in improving blood flow.


It is good for your heart and in the circulation of blood, banana is our #1 recommended food for penis enlargement.

banana for sex


Consumption of these foods is good in your overall health, and you will be glad if you find that these are effective for you if you want to enlarge your penis in a natural way.

Along with these foods, use also gel and pills or perform a jelqing exercise or other exercises, and result will be effective and quick.

Many people forget the nutrients needed for penis enlargement, which is really bad because we know that men who have been successful here are those that take into account all the aspects in penis enlargement.

So we will make it easier to remember the foods that you need next time you go to the grocery.

  •  Onion
  •  Salmon
  •  Banana

You may also add these foods in breakfast, lunch, or dinner: broil the onion and fry the salmon for basic food, and for dessert, you eat banana.

Through this, you can eat these foods simultaneously, and you will not waste anything because you’re going to consume all of this.



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